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GMS will be attending the WCIT 2015 Washington Trade Conference on November 9th. See you there!

G.M.S. offers a comprehensive selection of export related services.

Export Broker

As an export broker, G.M.S. can connect U.S. manufacturers with international customers for a nominal commission. We are a full service export brokerage firm with decades of experience navigating the maze of U.S. customs laws and regulations to ensure that business is conducted quickly, efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Export Agent

As your company's export agent, G.M.S. will target potential markets, locate new customers, obtaining orders and payment and finalize the export to the end destination. U.S. companies have the choice of being the official exporter of record or utilize G.M.S as the exporter of record. By liberating our customers from the sales process and the logistical and legal nightmare that is the export process, we enable our customers to do what they do best - create quality products.

Export Commission House

Our export commission house service represents foreign companies who wish to purchase U.S. products in large quantities with the total cost reaching $30,000USD or higher. We specialize in bulk raw materials such as metal, plastic, composite and wood but can accommodate requests for manufactured products like electronics, tools and software. Once full payment or deposits (depending on the commodity) for the products are secured, G.M.S. will handle payment to the U.S. company as the purchaser on the bill of sale and act as the official exporter of record.

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